Product Introduction

Hot dip Al Zn steel plate is made of cold-rolled steel sheet with various strength and thickness specifications. Al Zn alloy has excellent corrosion resistance. The hot plated Al Zn alloy is developed successfully on the basis of hot plating aluminum and hot galvanizing technology. It not only has the excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance and oxidation resistance of the aluminum plating, but also has the excellent electrochemical protection of the galvanized steel plate, so that the notch and scratch are not easy to corrode and rust.

Its main advantages are as follows:

1, The surface is smooth, with excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion, its corrosion life is 2-6 times higher than that of hot-dip galvanized steel.

2, has a good heat and oxidation resistance, long-term color at 300 °C, about 500 °C long-term use. In addition, the product’s thermal reflectance is higher than 75%, which is twice that of galvanized sheet.

3, with excellent coating and good processing performance. The combination of machine materials is the best choice for color coated steel substrates. Its processability and weldability are similar to those of hot-dip galvanized sheet, and can be processed by cold bending, punching, etc., and have a good appearance.

Equipment performance:

(1) Double uncoiler realizes continuous production;

(2) Set electrolytic cleaning tank, full radiant tube heating with hot tension roller to ensure advanced production of high-quality products;

(3) Passivation by roller coating, anti-fingerprint treatment, zero discharge of chromium-containing waste water, and environmental protection.

(4) Advanced correction design to ensure the quality of the edge of the strip; reasonable tension segmentation, so that the unit process advantages are fully reflected; set up electrostatic oiler to ensure the quality of the final product;

(5) High quality narrow lap welding reduces the breakage rate and ensures the production efficiency of the unit;

(6) Cascade rinsing and reverse flow work methods improve strip cleanliness and greatly reduce rinsing water consumption.

(7) High-level automatic control software and HMI, screen display standard, complete information alarm system, convenient operation and maintenance. In addition to the completion of report printing and printing of the final product steel coil labels, it is also possible to complete the archiving of data, energy medium consumption and equipment status of each coil.

Product Introduction

Galvalume steel coil (Alu-zinc steel coil)
Galvalume steel coil (Alu-zinc steel coil)
Galvalume steel coil (Alu-zinc steel coil)