Talent Concept

Concord regards talented people as precious corporate resources. With the principle of “Talent first, knowing people and using them well”, it has formed a whole set of programs for talents, education, talent, and retention. Take careers to take people, use their strengths; train and educate people, make up for their shortcomings; select people with posts, and do their best; use mechanisms to motivate people to compete for their achievements and achieve personal and corporate development goals. Talent is an important resource for business development. Open the door to explore talents, improve the mechanism to diversify and recruit talents, and extensively absorb all kinds of outstanding talents. Whether it is a graduate who has just graduated from the school or a professional and technical talent who has accumulated a certain amount of experience and operational skills, he will provide a stage for him to display his talent.

Talent training

Establish a scientific and systematic human resource management system and a competitive market-based remuneration system to create a talent growth environment and working atmosphere that respects human values and develops people’s potential. At the same time, through comprehensive training and development support, we support employees’ continuous self-advancement. , comprehensively improve professional and professional quality. The main training and training methods are: leadership development, professional ability training, domestic and international research exchanges, internal learning, and action learning.