Hangzhou Concord Harbor CO.,LTD

Hangzhou Concord Harbor CO.,LTD. was established in 2011. The company is located at the north end of the Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge. It has obvious advantages on the sea, using the geographical advantage of “facing the sea and back to the land”. The company has twenty thousand tons multi-purpose berth, about 14 meters depth of waterway, 2 tons of Operation Anchorage in Hong Kong and 250 of the area. Mu, a capacity of 2 million 300 thousand tons, a professional steel roll loading and unloading machinery dozens of units, the maximum load of 45 tons, good storage and logistics transfer function, suitable for various grocery and container handling operations. While providing supporting services for the Concorde and reducing the transportation cost of raw materials and products, it is committed to creating a marine economy, achieving a convenient multimodal transport system, and promoting the rapid flow of goods at home and abroad, the rapid flow of information, the flow of information, the gathering and radiation of the flow of funds, and the flow of commodities, forming a complete transfer. Four functions of distribution, purchase and trade to provide high-quality and efficient port logistics services for social goods.
The company sincerely hopes to have more opportunities to provide high quality and efficient loading and unloading services for domestic and foreign customers.