Hangzhou Concord Huafeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Concord Huafeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, with a registered capital of 44 million 500 thousand US dollars. It is a comprehensive enterprise with real estate development and investment as its core business.
The business is mainly for real estate investment and development, and efforts to form other supporting industries around the main industry, such as property agency, property management, and so on, constitute a more perfect industry chain closely related to real estate.
Based on urban operation, we are committed to improving the living environment. Concord invested in real estate development business in Zhejiang as a base camp, and actively expanded the real estate development business of other economically developed cities. The company actively invested in the construction of five star hotels, and focused on choosing commercial projects with superior location and great potential for development, and striving to build third industry projects.
Looking forward to the future, Concord will constantly strive to provide a better and more noble lifestyle for human beings and create a classic of human settlements.